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I found myself with a number of job offers within weeks!

“ After months of searching I got hold of ‘Land That Job in Australia’ and realized there were so many places to look that I did not know about. I was only applying through mainstream job boards and getting nowhere. After following the book guidelines I found myself with a number of job offers within weeks. If only I had had this book months before I would have saved myself so much stress and MONEY!! ”

Sauching Ho, IT, Hong Kong

I thought I could do it on my own, what a major mistake that was!

“ Thanks for the great advice, it made all the difference to me, a migrant from South Africa. I thought I could do it on my own, what a major mistake that was! It cost me 5 months of money, time and frustration. If you want to land a job in Australia and you want to do it fast without all the trial and error, not to mention frustration, then buy this book. Using it I found the right job, with the right salary in one of the major corporates! ”

Sophie K, corporate executive, Cape Town, South Africa


“ I’m telling everyone that comes to Australia about G'Day Boss! ”

Kevin Ng, Accountant, Hong Kong

Thanks Tribus Lingua!

“ Months passed by and I had to take dead end jobs just to make ends meet! Within two months I had landed a job as a database analyst with one of Australia’s top 50 fastest growing companies. ”

Imran Ahmed Ansari, IT engineer, India

Australia recruitment frustration

“ I thought the recruitment process would be exactly the same as home – how wrong I was! This excellent book helped me to quickly understand how recruitment works in Australia so I could use this to my best advantage getting me the roles I wanted. ”

John Ruddy, Sales Manager, Ireland

I highly recommend these publications to new migrants

“ It was hard to fathom that my International experience was getting me nowhere in Australia. As a British migrant of 35 years of age with extensive International experience I hadn’t anticipated any serious difficulty. My wife and I both had trouble getting work and were beginning to panic. I realised a new approach was required. Land that Job in Australia was a watershed – I finally knew where to look and how to look for jobs like a local.

I landed a position with an International company as a Senior Mechanical Engineer within weeks. I highly recommend these publications to new migrants. Even if you are only thinking about coming to Australia get it and be prepared. ”

John Ruddy, Sales Manager, Ireland

More than just a book!

“ This is more than just Land that Job in Australia. It works, and it really lands it. Worked for me in the best possible way and it keeps on adding positive aspects in making the best personality that is most suitable to be successful in Australia. Definitely it should be the best choice for recent migrants. ”

Wasif Hafeez, architect, Pakistan

Hand book? which handbook ailis?

“ It is such a fantastic, comprehensive handbook for the people who have just arrived here or are planning to migrate or about to migrate to Australia! It covers every aspect of job-seeking and working in Australia. Starting with ‘Before you fly’, ‘Mapping your job flightpath’.... then ‘Soaring through job-speak’, ‘First-class résumés’... To help you prepare for your job readiness, it leads you step by step to the success of securing a job wherever you may be in Australia.

I wish I could have had this book at hand before I prepared to move to Melbourne. It would have been much easier for me and saved me a lot of trouble researching relevant information for getting a job within my profession. It’s not only a fantastic handbook for migrants, but also an excellent reference book for the professionals who work with new migrants. ”

Wai Man, Hong Kong

The English is clear and concise and easy to understand.

“ This book gave me all the guidance I needed as a recent finance graduate in Australia. Of particular help were the résumé examples as well as how to interview in an Australian context. The English is clear and concise and easy to understand. ”

Grace Gao, accountancy graduate, China

Get you going quickly

“ Getting to Australia is your first engineering project. The practical tips in this book ranging from immigration to social integration will get you going quickly. ”

Dr Heiko Rudolph, Lecturer, Elec. & Comp. Eng, RMIT University, Australia

Boy, that CD is WELL worth it!!!!

“ We have now had an opportunity to look through the WebGuide which can be purchased in the Land that Job in Australia Combo and we would strongly urge you to consider buying this combo. There are over 70 pages of websites! which complement the information in the main book. This wealth of sources covers the gamut of everything from government, career counselling, culture, to websites to find jobs in all sorts of different industries, job fairs, migrant support -- the list goes on!
All this makes the publication an incredible source of information for anyone serious about migrating and getting work in Australia! ”

Mary Lou Badeaux President – American Community Australia

This book is a 'must have' for engineers

“ Project Australia - Land that Engineering Job in Australia is a book written by an engineer for engineers. It is a very comprehensive guide to the information required when planning migration to and winning a job in Australia, all contained in a single easy-to-understand document. The concept of managing migration as a project will utilise the natural talents of engineers and help them establish themselves quickly in Australia. This book is a 'must have' for engineers looking to migrate to Australia. ”

Julie Hammer, National President, Engineers Australia

I got all the tips I needed from this book

“ The book has been a great source of information for me, a new migrant from the Philippines. It’s easy to understand and covers all the things you need to know in searching for that elusive job. Local experience was my biggest problem in getting a job, and I got all the tips I needed from the book. I would recommend this as a must-have for any migrant looking for a job in Australia. ”

Ike E, manager, Philippines

Networkign success

“ I can’t believe how much useful information was packed into this little Networking book! ”

Philip James, Call Center Manager

It gave me the confidence I needed

“ I found the interview techniques fantastic! It gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in an exhaustive three hour panel interview ”

Miguel (Electrical engineer), Chille

Book reviewer gives the thumbs up!

“ In an easy-to read style and with range of examples and hunts, the book covers the need to market oneself and to translate abilities, skills and knowledge to an Australian context. Structured around the metaphor of flying to a new country, the chapters address each stage of job- hunting preparation: ‘welcome aboard’; before you fly’; mapping your flight path’; ‘flight desk information’; ‘readying your landing gear’; and overcoming jet lag’. The authors comprehensively cover each stage of the job-hunting journey and break down the process with clear, practical information and advice.

Ten case studies are scattered throughout the book; most demonstrate ways to overcome issues and offer strategies for searching for ‘that job in Australia’. Case studies are positive; we witness the very human side of the job- hunter and learn how he or she approached and overcame hurdles. The case studies provide reality to the hypothetical. It can be comforting for a newcomer in the throes of job- hunting to know they are not alone in what can seem an indomitable task.

The book thoroughly covers resume writing covers resume writing and provides a number of styles as examples. The rationale of what to include and how is also explained – solving the apparent mysteries of why certain approaches are recommended for the Australian context. Layout, presentation hints and ways of describing previous positions to demonstrate skills and achievements are clearly presented.

The authors also explained cover letters and provide models. Some applications may have no experience from their own cultures in addressing selection criteria. Again, the book clearly describes this skill and provides examples. A strength of this book is the range of information provided in the one resource. They clearly defined topics and the index of useful web sites, addresses, contacts and departments for the job seeker are easily accessible. ”

Book Review by Sue Utber, Australian Mosaic, Issue 14, 2006, Number 2

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