Migrants job seekers do you need interview coaching?

  • Migrants to Australia do have an upcoming interview?
  • Would you like to improve your confidence in interview performance?
  • Do you want to know how to beat the competition?

Then get the interview coaching now.

Interview Coaching that delivers results for migrants

Our Interview Coaching is designed to help you overcome nerves, build your confidence, prepare you fully to increase your success rate at job interviews. The interview coaching helps you prepare, practice and perform more effectively at interviews.

Why our Interview coaching for migrants makes a difference:

1. Corporate language
Learn how to speak in terms that the interview panel understands. Show your ability to see the big picture and explain how you will add value to their company.

2. Overcoming Nerves
Practice makes perfect. Most people do not realise a healthy amount of nerves helps you perform better. You will learn how to manage your nerves through performance practice.

3. Your “elevator pitch”
This is a powerful and concise description of your career skills. This will help you feel comfortable talking about yourself.

4. Your experience
You will learn how to speak about your career outcomes and accomplishments. You will use evidence from your career history that relates to the interview question at hand.

5. Company Research
Developing in-depth knowledge of the company sets you apart as a candidate. Discover the secrets to talking about the company in a way that differentiates what you are saying from other candidates.

6. Behavioural and Technical Interviews
These are two completely separate style of interviews and you need to be prepared for both.

7. STAR Technique
Learn how to apply the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique so that you are detailed and specific in your response.

8. Rituals
When in University or high school the students sitting outside the exam hall cramming to the last minute are usually the ones who don’t do as well as they could. The students who are calmly prepared are the ones who do well. We work out a plan of action and specific things to do so you are nice and calm before and during the interview.

9. Presence and engagement
You will learn how to stay present and focused in the interview.

10. Presentation
Learn about body language, good communication, making yourself understood, eye contact and what to wear.

What you will get with migrant interview coaching:

  • Two and a half hour session over skype one-on-one coaching.
  • An audio recording of the coaching session.
  • Feedback to improve your interview skills.
  • Practice interview that is based on a history of real questions.
  • Detailed preparation for behavioural and traditional/technical interviews.
Shujaat Ali

Thank you once again Ailis. It was impossible to achieve this milestone without you.

- Shujaat Ali {an electrical engineer from Pakistan landed a great job through three rounds of interviewing and a final board presentation}

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