Migrant Engineering CV’s for Australia

What do Australian Engineering Employers expect to see in a CV from migrant engineers? The key to getting your engineering CV right is thinking about what employers in Australia are looking for. The majority of migrant engineering CV’s should be project based. Most companies want to see details of the […]

Tips for Migration to Australia

So you are planning to migrate to Australia and think there is not much difference between Australia and the rest of the world? If you are from the UK, Ireland, Canada, the US or South Africa do you believe you will get a job easily in Australia? Take this test: Talk to […]

CDR Writing Style for Engineers Australia – An Example

A competency demonstration report (CDR) requires migrant engineers applying to Engineers Australia to write three career episode reports (CERs). Here is an example of writing style for a career episode report (CER). This example is taken from Engineers Australia website. The purpose of the CDR is to demonstrate: • how […]