One top tip to get a job faster in Australia

  Do you believe that any job in Australia will do? If yes, then read on… The most common advice I hear to new migrants is get ANY JOB to get started. Migrants themselves believe that getting a job at a lower level will get you a job quicker. Unfortunately, there […]

10 things Migrants need to Land a Job in Australia

10 things Migrants need to Land a Job in Australia Whether you are moving to Australia or are already here, below is a list of what you need to succeed in Australia: 1.  Stand out Australian Style Resume. 2. A Cover Letter that distinguishes your application. 3. Targeted Research to find […]

Why Migrants are asked for Local Experience in Australia…

Author of Land That Job in Australia, Jim Bright was recently asked why migrants are rejected for lack of local experience in Australia in the Sydney Morning Herald. Migrants rejected for lacking “local experience” can fight back, writes Jim Bright. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Lee and his […]

ANZSCO Codes – Australian Occupations for Migration

ANZSCO – the Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations must be understood by migrants. Please note that not all occupation are listed in the ANZSCO. If your job is not included in the codes list, what do you do? Two web sites provide ANZSCO information to help you decide the […]