A Great Skilled Migrant Job Success Story


Leonard is an accountant from Malaysia with a background in auditing as well as accounting. As a natural planner Leonard knew that his best chance of success in Australia was preparing before he left Malaysia.

After researching the internet extensively Leonard contacted me ( I am Ailis at Tribus Lingua!) Leonard began by completing the e-course Land a Job in Australia, a Success System for Skilled Migrants.

After speaking with Leonard I realised that he had an incredible attitude towards the expectations of getting a job in Australia. His focus  was on his dream job and he did not want to take a job a level down just to get started in Australia.

The first job offer Leonard got was as a bookkeeper in Sydney, he turned this offer down. All of his friends and family were telling him he was crazy and that he should take any job to get started. But Leonard knew something; he knew that if he stayed present, calm and focussed on what he really wanted he would get his ideal job.

It was uplifting for both of us to speak to each other. We had a great connection and energy between us. Leonard valued his skills and trusted himself to follow the right path.  I coached Leonard to focus on what to do right when job-hunting rather than looking at obstacles getting in his way.

Leonard’s biggest struggle was that he would get very nervous for interviews. He felt he was not doing his best at interviews and had missed great job opportunities he really wanted in the past.

The first step to overcome his nerves was in-depth interview preparation developed from reviewing the e-course lessons again and again. This gave him confidence.

When his first interview came we spent a lot of time focussing on how he could deal with his nerves by being himself. Bringing out his authentic nature and engaging with the interviewers was key to winning the job he wanted.
He had a series of interviews and each time he improved his ability to deal with his nerves by focussing on being himself and being present in the interview.

When the dream job interview came with a major bank as a portfolio accountant Leonard was more than ready. The morning of the interview we had prepared a pre interview relaxing ritual to get himself centred.

Leonard felt very happy in the interview that he was being true to himself. His instincts were right; during the interview the panel of interviewers called in the senior manager to speak with him. A couple of days later he was offered the job.

From the moment I spoke to Leonard I knew he would do really well. His attitude and positivity stood out as well as his planning, preparation and an understanding that he deserved his dream job. Leonard is a testament to the fact that the right attitude, willingness to do the work and learn about yourself can result in achieving your dream job in Australia.

Watch Leonard’s story here…


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