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Beat the local experience job requirement in Australia
by getting a stand out engineering migrant CV

Expert migrant career coach, Ailís Logan helps you learn how to
create a CV that will impress Australian engineering managers and get you hired.

Australia is a big country with a small population. This means competition for Australian engineering jobs is strong.

Many skilled engineering migrants come with the expectation that there will be plenty of jobs that are easy to find. The key to landing an excellent engineering job and standing out from the competition is having an exceptional CV.

Here's how the skilled Migrant Engineering CV Pack will help you:

  • Discover the Secrets of an Australian engineering migrant CV
  • Learn what works for Australian engineering employers
  • Model your CV based on real engineering CV's that have landed jobs for migrant engineers to Australia
  • Get inside information on what works for an engineering CV in Australia
  • Learn how to customise your engineering CV for specific job applications
  • Get expert tips for engineering migrants to Australia

"A well written and properly presented Australian CV can be your
ticket to finding an Australian job."

Ailis Logan

Land a dream job in Australia fast by creating a stand
out engineering migrant CV

One of the most important steps to landing that all important job in Australia is writing an Australian style CV/ résumé.

Migrant Engineering CV/Resume

In Australia the terms CV and résumé are used interchangeably - although résumé is now more common. We recommend you use the term that is stated in the job advertisement. A well written and properly presented Australian CV can be your ticket to finding an Australian job. Like other countries the Australian CV is a marketing tool to enable you to get that first step in the door.

How do Australian Engineering CV’s differ from those of other countries?

Firstly and most importantly the now popular two-page CV commonly used globally is not used in Australia. Using this style of CV will yield little or no result no matter how good your experience may be in another country. This is possibly the biggest stumbling block for new engineering migrants arriving in Australia. In order to present yourself the Australian way we recommend you Australianise your CV. Firstly Australian CV’s are expected to be long and detailed. If responsibilities, achievements and duties are not written clearly and backed up with supporting evidence it is assumed you do not have this experience at all. Although the length of an Australian CV depends on your individual experience, generally speaking Australian employers prefer CV’s to be three to four pages long and up to six pages for senior roles.

What do Australian engineering employers expect
to see in a CV from migrant engineers?

The key to getting your engineering CV right is thinking about what employers in Australia are looking for.

The majority of migrant engineering CV’s should be project based. Most companies want to see details of the type of projects you worked on. They are looking for the most important things in project management terms that include:

Australian employers want to see how you used project management processes that consist of five key areas:

Companies are seeking engineers who bring value to their company. So your career experience must demonstrate outcomes in project terms.

A lot of CV's we see make no mention of financial outcomes. When hiring an engineer companies are looking at how that applicant can add value in monetary terms to the business. It's all about making money!

A crucial part of any migrant engineering CV for Australia needs to include your practical application of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) as an engineer. Your CV needs to include statements that demonstrate your knowledge of OH&.

For example:

Overall career achievements relating to your engineering experience must show specifics of how you can added value to companies where you have worked.

Here are examples that are highly effective in demonstrating your value to a company:

What Engineers are saying
about Ailis’ CV’s...

"That's is the best CV we have ever seen."

Mo, an Industrial Engineer from Jordan landed the job as an engineering maintenance manager.

"Landed the job with Santos for 6 figure salary. Cannot believe it. Brilliant CV thank you."

John from Nigeria, a senior civil engineer.

"I have good news, I got the job! I’m so excited about it, Thank you for all your amazing help. It’s unbelievable to get a job after only 3 weeks in Australia, I am so glad I talked to you before I got to Australia."

Patricio, from Chile now working as a civil engineer in Melbourne.

Ailís Logan

Ailís Logan has helped hundreds of engineering migrants to Australia achieve success in getting jobs, ranging from Fortune 500 executives with backgrounds in engineering, IT, finance and sales.

She has consulted to the Australian Government and organisations that help migrants get work. Ailís has been interviewed about how to help migrants succeed on Sky Business News TV, The Australian Newspaper and a range of media throughout Australia.

She is recognised as the leading authority helping migrants get jobs in Australia and has an extensive record of success coaching migrant engineers.

Engineering Migrant CV Pack for Australia

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