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Land that Job in Australia Combo

For migrants that need a job fast!

Land That Job In Australia

About Land That Job in Australia Pack

Whether or not you speak great English, Land That Job in Australia helps you speak the same language as your future employer and is a must-have guide to your good life in the Lucky Country.

Land that Job in Australia - This book helps you do just that. Dr Jim Bright is a best-selling author of 7 books on careers, including Resumes That Get shortlisted (titled Brilliant CVs in the UK), and a seasoned British migrant himself. In researching Land That Job in Australia, Dr Jim and Karen (his business partner in a celebrated career management company), interviewed hundreds of Migrants to Australia from all corners of the globe and the employers they were trying to impress. The result is an unparalleled insight into the people and processes you’ll encounter when looking for work in Australia.

The Ultimate Shortcut - The Migrants Guide to the Web

Navigating the Internet for the information and services you need can be a time-consuming, frustrating experience. So we’ve done it for you in this comprehensive directory of online job-hunting resources, compiled especially for Migrants looking for work in Australia. This ultimate shortcut to the web is an essential companion guide in your search for the right role.


“ It was hard to fathom that my International experience was getting me nowhere in Australia. As a British migrant of 35 years of age with extensive International experience I hadn’t anticipated any serious difficulty. My wife and I both had trouble getting work and were beginning to panic. I realised a new approach was required. Land that Job in Australia was a watershed – I finally knew where to look and how to look for jobs like a local. ”


“ I landed a position with an International company as a Senior Mechanical Engineer within weeks. I highly recommend these publications to new migrants. Even if you are only thinking about coming to Australia get it and be prepared. ”

Colin Smyth, Mechanical Engineer from Peterborough, England

“ As an International Student with a Master’s degree from an Australian University I had hoped to get a good job in the IT sector. Months passed by and I had to take dead end jobs just to make ends meet. Then I got Land that job in Australia and I learned some simple new techniques. Within two months I had landed a job as a database analyst with one of Australia’s top 50 fastest growing companies. ”

Imran Ahmed Ansari, IT engineer from Hyderabad, India

“ Thanks for the great advice, it made all the difference to me, a migrant from South Africa. I thought I could do it on my own, what a major mistake that was! It cost me 5 months of money, time and frustration. If you want to land a job in Australia and you want to do it fast without all the trial and error, not to mention frustration, then buy this book. Using it I found the right job, with the right salary in one of the major corporates! ”

Sophie K, corporate executive, Cape Town, South Africa

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