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Engaging Recruiters in Australia

  • What Drives Recruiters in Australia

  • Why Recruitment works differently in Australia

  • How the Australian Recruitment Process works

  • Building Relationships with Recruiters

  • Who's who in Australian Recruiting

  • Finding and working with the right Recruiters

  • Engage Your Recruiter and find the Right role

Engaging Recruiters in Australia

About Engaging Recruiters in Australia

To most job seekers the world over, recruitment agents are seen as an inconvenient, often aloof "gatekeeper" that must be passed in order to get the role they want. Australia is no exception. In fact, you'll probably find you feel even as less valued by a recruiter in Australia than in many other countries around the world. Here the clients (i.e. the companies you want to work for) are really the undisputed kings of recruiter country. If you're not exactly right for role their clients have on the table at the time they meet you, the lack of attention from you recruiter may leave you feeling pretty unloved.

But it doesn't have to be that way. By understanding what the Australian recruiter needs and more importantly, wants from you, you can ensure that things go as much your way as possible.

"Engaging Recruiters" in Australia helps you do just that. By putting you in their shoes, recruitment veteran Jill Noble gives you the inside story on the industry and ensures you appreciate the priorities, processes and preferences that make the recruiter tick.

All you need for the results you want is right here. With this knowledge you have the power. Engage you recruiter and find the right role!

About the Author

Jill Noble is an enthusiastic traveller with professional aspirations. So with hairdryer and high heels crammed into an over full backpack, Jill started out on a trip that would take her to the other side of the world. Settling in Sydney, Jill secured two professional jobs within two weeks of arriving despite it being the tail end of the hiring season. Now calling Australia home, Jill runs a successful career and HR consulting practice in Melbourne. She is also a speaker and author. This is her third book.


“ If you want to get a job quickly get networking. Networking in Australia shows you who, what , where and how! ”

Roger, Finance (moved from South Africa)

“ This book is great - so easy to read and understand, I learned a lot about how to network the Australian Way ”

Sheila Liao, Engineer (moved from Hong Kong)

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