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Networking in Australia

  • Get a Job Fast through Networking Australian Style

  • Develop a networking action plan

  • Present well in terms of attitude, posture and grooming

  • Uncover contacts or referrals from your network

  • Develop a successful system for making the right contacts

  • Think laterally about your industry or sector

  • Brainstorm related industries or sectors as alternatives

  • Target companies directly using the call-write-call model

  • Maintain and nurture networks, return favours and keep in touch

  • Find out what works for Australian Business

PLEASE NOTE - networking in Australia is currently out of print - Available for download or on CD only.

Backpack to Briefcase Book

About Networking in Australia

If you are migrating to Australia to work you should know that just one fifth of all jobs make it to public advertising or recruitment agencies. The rest are filled beforehand because someone knows someone who knows someone, or a friend knows a friends that's right for the role.

That's 80% of jobs that you'll never see, unless that "someone" knows you or you are that "friend of a friend".

Australians are a very friendly bunch and they love to talk, about their work and everything else. Whether it's at the coffee machine between meetings, a sneaky wine at lunch or during one of the thousands of fun things we find to fill our free time.

And the fact is, unless you're there networking with them you're drastically reducing your chances of finding that "hidden" job market.

That's where this book comes in... A chinwag. A chat. A catch-up. Call it what you will (and Australians rarely call it "networking"), this book is here to help you adapt to the Aussies' natural tendency to talk and use it to your advantage in finding the right role.

By sharing with you a very successful system for a very unsystematic concept recruitment guru Jill Noble shows you that you don't have to be a people person or an extrovert to engage the right contacts - guiding you through warming up your cold calls, boosting your body-language and taking big steps with small talk.

Combining wonders of word-of-mouth with a great guide to industries, associations and agencies, "Networking in Australia" is an essential tool to help you find the job you want.

About the Author

Jill Noble is an enthusiastic traveller with professional aspirations. So with hairdryer and high heels crammed into an over full backpack, Jill started out on a trip that would take her to the other side of the world. Settling in Sydney, Jill secured two professional jobs within two weeks of arriving despite it being the tail end of the hiring season. Now calling Australia home, Jill runs a successful career and HR consulting practice in Melbourne. She is also a speaker and author. This is her third book.


“ If you want to get a job quickly get networking. Networking in Australia shows you who, what , where and how! ”

Roger, Finance (moved from South Africa)

“ This book is great - so easy to read and understand, I learned a lot about how to network the Australian Way ”

Sheila Liao, Engineer (moved from Hong Kong)

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