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G'Day Boss

Australian Culture and the Workplace

  • Understand why building relationships builds Your Business

  • Develop an understanding of Australian Business Culture

  • Learn what works for Australian Business

  • Make the right connections

  • Understand Australian Business Communications Style

G'day Boss Book

About this Book

The Ultimate Cultural Library for anyone Working or doing Business in Australia!
The first study of its kind into the enormously diverse cultures of today's Australian
workplace society, designed especially to help workers, employers and exporters alike
to understand, adapt and succeed in a mosaic of personalities and beliefs.

Barbara West and Frances Murphy, two well-travelled academics of the working world, talked to hundreds of migrants now based in Australia from around the globe, listening to their stories and delving deep into their attitudes, perceptions, hearts and minds to find out how they adapted and coped in their new country, and specifically in their new workplaces.
West and Murphy analysed these interviews as well as numerous research studies into Australian culture, values, behaviour and communication to unearth invaluable insights and priceless advice for any worker or business in the country.

“ G'Day Boss! holds a mirror up to the Australian workplace ”

says Australian born co-author of G'day Boss!, Frances Murphy, "so that we can better understand our own behaviour and communication style in relation to those around us who are culturally different." "And by understanding these differences, we can adapt when we come across them. In turn we can improve in all areas of business, offering a much more attractive option for high calibre overseas candidates and seeing much more success in our dealings with clients, partners and suppliers".

One migrant in the book observes "From my perspective, the entire Australian economy revolves around relationships. Whether you call it comradeship, mateship or something else, it is definitely important to understand that being connected to others is of paramount importance to many Australians…"

Anecdotes. Answers. Advice. G'Day Boss is a user-friendly, must-have reference guide for anyone working, or intending to work or do business in Australia.

G'Day Boss has featured on Business Now Asia Pacific TV, ABC Radio Australia, Mosaic Magazine, Australian Anthill Business Magazine and the Victorian Skilled Migration Website.


“ Offers advice and a valuable perspective on the changing Australian workplace. ”

Dr Sara Wills - Lecturer in Australian Studies at the Australian Centre, University of Melbourne

“ Far more than an academic meditation on cultural dissonance, G'day Boss! heads straight for the nucleus of the Australian experience, plucks it from its membrane and holds it too the light. This book will profoundly challenge the assumptions and actions of all Australian professionals, whatever their background or ambition. ”

Australian Anthill Business Magazine

“ I'm telling everyone that comes to Australia about it! ”

Kevin Ng - Accountant, Hong Kong

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