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Engineers Migrate Australia Course

This is the ultimate guide to securing your engineering career in Australia

ProjectAustralia Engineers Migrate Australia Pack

Migration to Australia can be an expensive and challenging time in your life.

The greatest expense is the period where you are not working.

What do you need to do to start earning money quickly?
How do you know what you are worth in Australia?
How do You Find a Job Fast?
How do you control your costs?

Here is how You can secure Your Engineering Future in Australia...

We recommend that you use your skills as an engineer to manage your move to Australia as a Project. In this course you will utilize your knowledge and skills as an engineer to manage Your Project Australia on time, within budget and with the quality of job you expect.

we include the theory in the book , a range of practical exercises are contained in the handbook, and a step by step guide in the audio visual Job Application Guide.

Sold in over 20 countries worldwide this is the course you have been looking for!

A very comprehensive guide

“ Project Australia is by an engineer for engineers. It is a very comprehensive guide to the information required when planning migration to and winning a job in Australia, The concept of managing migration as a project will utilise the natural talents of engineers and help them establish themselves quickly in Australia. ”

Julie Hammer, National President, Engineers Australia

Discover the theory...

Develop the Knowledge...

Demonstrate Your Engineering Skills...

Discover over 80 systematic exercises to succeed in the Australian Job Market

Dont Just Listen to Us. Listen to Our Satisfied Customers.

How do we know that we achieve great results? Because our clients write to us to thank us. Read on to see some of excerpts from our extensive testimonial book:

landed a position within weeks!

“ It was hard to fathom that my International experience was getting me nowhere in Australia. As a British migrant of 35 years of age with extensive International experience I hadn't anticipated any serious difficulty. My wife and I both had trouble getting work and were beginning to panic. I realised a new approach was required.

I followed the techniques in Project Australia and I landed a position with an International company as a Senior Mechanical Engineer within weeks. Even if you are only thinking about coming to Australia get it and be prepared ”

Colin, UK

Boy did it work!

“ I was unemployed for more than 6 months and was beginning to think I should return home. Luckily I bumped into Ian who recommended I get the course and boy did it work I landed a job within 2 weeks ”

Aaron, Canada

get you going quickly

“ Getting to Australia is your first engineering project. The practical tips here ranging from immigration to social integration will get you going quickly ”

Dr Heiko Rudolph, Lecturer, Elec. & Comp. Eng, RMIT University, Australia

best career advice

“ This is the most authentic and best career advice I have seen for engineering migrants. ”

Joanne, Career Advisor to Migrants

About the Author

Ian Little is a senior engineering manager with Australian owned multi-national engineering company WorleyParsons and has managed engineers of many nationalities in Australia, China and Saudi Arabia.

Ian Little

Ian Little

He has lived and worked in Germany and Switzerland. He knows firsthand what it takes to move and succeed in a new country.

As a descendent of Irish migrants, who arrived in Australia in 1850, Ian is about as Australian as a European can get.

Ian is an in demand speaker across Australia specifically speaking to Migrants, he is on a number of expert industry panels that convene on the topic of helping migrants get work in Australia.

Project Australia has featured on the front of the Professional Section of Australia's best known newspaper The Australian, also featured in The Age Newspaper, ABC Radio Australia and Engineers Australia Magazine.

As an Engineering Migrant this will be the highest Return on Investment You will Ever Make in Your Career. Are You Ready to Get Started?

You will Receive

THE THEORY the A to Z of successful job hunting for Engineers like You in Project Australia - the book

THE KNOWLEDGE 80 Minutes up close and Personal with Ian Little, everything from determining where You Should live in Australia to How to Negotiate the best possible Salary By Understanding What You Are Worth in the Australian Engineering Labour Market - the DVD

THE PRACTICAL APPLICATION Discover over 80 systematic exercises in the Engineer's Workbook to succeed in the Australian Job Market and interact with a 40 minute live seminar with Ian little to ace the Australian Job Application - The Multimedia Application and Project Australia Workbook

PLUS all these Extras at NO EXTRA COST!


FREE Cover Letter tailored to Meet the Requirements of Australian Engineering Employers (VALUE: $26)


FREE Australian Engineering CV Template (VALUE: $65)


FREE Exceptionally detailed Budgeting Spreadsheet to Help You Control Your Costs and Ensure You Save Money! (VALUE: $31)


FREE Checklist Series - Ready for Work Checklist (Ensure You Are Totally Prepared to Get a Job Fast In Australia), Salary Packaging Checklist (Discover the Best Methods to Negotiate Your Biggest Salary) (VALUE: $50)


FREE Interview, Selection Criteria and Cover Letter Checklist (VALUE: $31)


Project Australia - the course is supported by an on-line blog where questions are answered by Ian Little directly.

All this for just $277 AUD!

yes, you read correctly. For just $277 you are getting $??? worth of products designed specificaly to make sure you get ahead of the rest and secure a career in Australia.

whats more is we will pay for the postage and handling fees! No hidden fees, no hidden charges, just $277! - AUD (thats the price of getting just one CV professionally written!)

Purchase the Engineers Migrate Australia Course with the convinience of paypal.

AUD Price: $277

*Project Australia- Engineers Migrate Australia Course comes with a whole bunch of free Extras! Scroll down to view them.

Purchase the Engineers Migrate Australia Course with the convinience of paypal.

AUD Price: $277

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