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A Proven way to get a Great Job in Australia

*FREE CV Samples for Australia and Jobs Webguide CD included

Backpackers Migrate Australia Combo
Overcome Job-hunting challenges in Australia with Proven Methods

Working holiday travellers face significant challenges when trying to land a job in their industry in Australia Understanding how Australian business and Australians are different before you hit the ground is critical to a successful working holiday.

The key to landing a job quickly requires an understanding of the lingo and rules of the Australian game. Job hunting methods used in other countries just don't work in Australia.

To help guide working travellers succeed Tribus Lingua has developed products based on methodologies for a comprehensive, step-by-step process that helps address the challenges that face most working travellers.

The proven job-hunting methods are based on:

  • 5 years of research based on real success stories.

  • Expert knowledge from industry, government and academia.

  • Knowledge from experts who successfully moved to Australia themselves.

  • Insider knowledge about the right approach to job-hunting.

Backpack to Briefcase Australia

Swap your backpack for a briefcase and discover the secrets to having the holiday of a lifetime - and give your career a boost!

Every year thousands of people travel to Australia with the dream of experiencing the famed Antipodean lifestyle, and marvelling at the country's stunning natural landscape. But living the dream takes money, and most part-time jobs just don't pay well enough to make your dreams a reality.

Backpack to Briefcase
is a superb volume that shows you how to change your approach to job hunting on a working visa, swap your backpack for a briefcase, and set yourself up for a cash-injected working-holiday that you'll be proud to highlight on your CV and mention at interviews for the rest of your career.

Packed with expert information and advice that really works, and featuring chapters that focus on specific industries - including:

  • Banking & finance.

  • Hospitality.

  • Call centre's.

  • Engineering.

  • Manufacturing & Logistics.

  • Sales & Marketing.

  • Retail.

  • Healthcare & Nursing.

  • Teaching.

and many more ...

Along with a job seeking plan to get you started, this is a must-have for anyone thinking of travelling to Australia on a working visa.

This volume also comes with a free "Backpacker's Guide to the Web in Australia CD", featuring up-to-date info on your destination, plus 100's of the best web-links for living and working Downunder as well as Real CV samples.

...the roadmap for a successful trip

“ I am proof that anybody can turn an Australian working holiday into something permanent”. Owen O'Brien, Irish Engineer

About the Author

Jill Noble began her life in Australia as an enthusiastic traveller with professional aspirations.

Fresh off the plane from Ireland, backpack in hand, she secured two professional jobs within two weeks - despite it being the tail end of the hiring season.

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