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The complete A to Z covering everything you need to know to land that job in Australia is here. Download today and get started! Click on the links below and discover resources revealing proven methods to Landing a Job in Australia.
Step-by-step guides tailored by Experts, specifically to your Industry!

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Backpack to Briefcase Australia

Make your Australian holiday
work for you!

So you're on a working holiday. Your visa is good, but what about your approach to getting employment? Would you like to set yourself up with a cash injected holiday that you will be proud to highlight on your CV for years to come?

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Project Australia Combo

What Engineers need to know to land a Job in Australia Fast!

These books will prepare you for the Australian engineering workplace. Ian Little demonstrates the importance of CV's, job applications, mentors, standards, networking and much more.

All these skills can be learned from home! » click to read more


Migrate Australia Course

The ultimate Australian jobs course for engineering migrants and international engineering students who need a job fast.

Job hunting methods used in other countries just don’t work In Australia. Veteran engineering manager Ian Little shares his breakthrough methods with you on how to win an engineering job in Australia. » click to read more


Migrants Australia Combo

Business Migrants to Australia… Discover the Business Secrets to Success in Australia!

The Ultimate Cultural Library for anyone doing Business in Australia! The first study of its kind into the enormously diverse cultures of today’s Australian workplace society, designed especially for You! » click to read more

Networking & Recruiting

In Australia Combo

By understanding what the Australian recruiter needs and, more importantly, wants from you, you can ensure that things go as much your way as possible.

Get the inside story on recruiting and networking in Australia. Develop a successful system for making the right contacts. All you need for the results you want is right here.
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