Ten things migrants can do to stay positive when searching for jobs in Australia

21225297_s1. Make friends and connect with people in the community.

2. Plan a weekly timetable working out the time for job applications and free time.

3. Stay present, live in the moment and enjoy your free time fully.

4. Do things that inspire you, listen to audios, read biographies and go out in nature. Australia is beautiful.

5. Find out about activities in the community by getting information at your local community centre.

6. If you have children watch how they behave and stay present and enjoy their new environment.

7. Go and see Australian icons in your state, for example if you are Sydney take a day trip and see the Opera House. (This might seem obvious but it surprises me how migrants are afraid to take time out from job hunting)

8. Keep yourself in good spirits by doing things you love and joining in with Australian culture. There are lots of groups to join where you can have fun at barbeque’s and picnics.

9. Take it one step at a time, organise your medicare card, driving license, tax number, banking etc in steps rather than trying to do it all at once. This way you wont get overwhelmed.

10. Have fun, smile and understand that what you focus on you create because a positive person is much more likely to get a job quickly!

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