Migrant Engineers – Plan how to Land an Engineering Job in Australia

I spoke to a group of recently arrived migrant engineers in Melbourne, Australia last week. Not one member of the group had a plan of how they were going to land an engineering job in Australia. Not surprisingly some members of the group had made over 100 unsuccessful job applications.

Can you imagine seeing the newspaper headline…

Project Succeeds Without Plan or Budget!

I can’t. But I am constantly talking to migrant engineers who have no plan how they will land an engineering job in Australia.

“Making tens of identical applications to on line agencies is not applying for jobs – it is wasting your time and destroying your confidence.”

Ian Little – Author of Project Australia: Land that Engineering Job in Australia

You came to Australia for the good life. It won’t start until you have a job.

Develop a Project Plan –  Your path out of your current financial hardship eating into your savings.

Your plan will have these elements

– Improving your Australian English

– Accreditation of your qualifications by Engineers Australia

– Becoming an active member of the Australian engineering profession

– Preparing an Australian style CV

– Demonstrating how your experience is relevant to Australian employers

– Developing Australian networks

– Learning what Australian employers are looking for

Check out The Migrant Engineering CV Pack to learn how migrants can write an engineering CV to land a job in Australia.

Migrant Engineering CV Pack