Migrant Engineering CV’s for Australia

What do Australian Engineering Employers expect to see in a CV from migrant engineers?

The key to getting your engineering CV right is thinking about what employers in Australia are looking for.

The majority of migrant engineering CV’s should be project based. Most companies want to see details of the type of project you worked on. They are looking for the most important things in project management terms that include:

  • Size of the Project
  • Clients you handled
  • Size of the team
  • Duration of the project
  • Project Budget

Australian employers want to see how you used project Management processes that consist of five key areas:

Initiating, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and controlling, Project Close Out

Companies are seeking engineers who bring value to their company. So your career experience must demonstrate outcomes in project terms.

Did you deliver the project on time and to budget?

How did you handle project scope changes?

Was the client satisfied with the result?

Who did you manage stakeholders in the project?

How did collaborate with the team on the project?

A lot of CV’s we see make no mention of financial outcomes. When hiring an engineer companies are looking at how that applicant can add value in monetary terms to the business. It’s all about making money!

A crucial part of any migrant engineering CV for Australia needs to include your practical application of Occupational Health and safety as an engineer.

Here are examples that are highly effective in demonstrating your value to a company

  • Delivered three bridge sites (AU$168m) and two building sites (AU$84m) ahead of deadline, with higher than expected quality outcomes.
  • Directed and implemented safety procedures and practices to international standards, achieving ZERO LTI (97 days consecutively) on sites under my control (conducted regular safety meetings)
  • Increased tender success rate by 35% for quantity takeoffs and estimation of budgetary costs.

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