An Australian CV – your name

An Australian CV

In an Australian CV your name is crucial.

Your Name

Australians like simple, monosyllable first names. Like Ian. Even David is too long for them. They prefer Dave. Likewise Bob for Robert, Tom for Thomas and Tim for Timothy.If your first name is long, unusual (to Australians) complicated, or difficult for Australians to pronounce, it will be shortened or you will be renamed. So in an Australian CV shorten your name yourself to a name of your choice rather than leaving it to others. It will greatly help acceptance if you adopt an abbreviation or an English-style name. Chinese people are good at this. In China, the children have English names for using on the internet, and Chinese students studying in Australia adopt English-style names. It is not necessary to take an English style name, but it should be a name that Australians can say easily such as Tad or Siva. You will probably feel most comfortable if it sounds like a shortened version of your native name.

Research has shown that if people cannot pronounce a name, they do not use it in conversation and then will exclude the person from activities. Ironically this happens because people are embarrassed if they cannot say a persons name properly and do not want to insult them by pronouncing heir name incorrectly. So they do not use the name at all, and this leads to exclusion.

If you choose to take on an “Australian” name, put your native first name in brackets after you Australian first name ? for example, John (Srivananapal) Ranje. Some people prefer putting their adopted name in the brackets, but this can be confusing because it can be difficult to work ut which is the family name. Incidentally in an Australian CV, Australians put their family name last. They will assume that your last name as written is your family name. Cricket commentators still get this wrong sometimes when referring to Indian and Pakistani cricketers. No-one means to be offensive; they just make the wrong assumption.

Adopting an “Australian” name in your CV will make you feel more Australian, and shows employers that you are flexible and adaptable, qualities that employers look for.

This post is taken from Project Australia: Land That Engineering Job in Australia by Ian Little.


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