MODL, CSL, SOL and ENSOL – Australian Migration Lists

MODL, CSL, SOL and ENSOL -  Australian visa application times are determined by these occupation in demand lists. What are they and how do they affect your visa application?

  • MODL – Migration Occupations in Demand
  • CSL – Critical Skills List
  • SOL – Skilled Occupation List
  • ENSOL – Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List

For further information go to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) page -

On January 1, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced a new list of occupations, which is known as the Critical Skills List (CSL). This is in addition to the Skills Occupation List (SOL) and Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). The purpose of the introduction of the CSL was to place weight on the skills that are in acute shortage in Australia and give these applications further priority in processing.

Changes affect visa application processing time

On March 19, DIAC announced new procedures for visa application processing for skilled migration. The order of priority for processing of visas is:

  • employer sponsored permanent migrant applications
  • state/territory nominated visas,
  • CSL occupation.
  • MODL occupation
  • family sponsored and independent applications receive the least level of priority.

Migration agents have reported seeing the difference in processing time now. The demand for Accountants (Degree, ICASL, CIMA qualified), Engineers (Degree level), and Computer professionals (specialist software skills) is acute. There is a noticeable difference in processing times reported from the previous era, if you belong to either State nominated or CSL category visas.

Trades (technical) occupations were taken off the CSL category  due to the current economic trend where less demand is created for jobs at technical level.

In these turbulent economic times we can expect more changes to migration requirements in Australia. It is important to seek advice from a registered migration agent who should be able to provide you with current advice. Refer to the following Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) web page for further information on migration agents. You do not need to use a migration agent to apply for any visa. However, if you choose to use a migration agent, you should use a registered migration agent.

Is your occupation an occupation in demand for Australia and included on the SOL, MODL, CSL or ENSOL lists?