Where to Live in Australia?

I am a skilled migrant on my way to Australia…where should I live?

I get a lot of intending migrants asking me to help them decide where to live in Australia. It can be a very exciting time when you make the decision to move to Australia but how do you determine the right place to live in Australia?

I recommend that you answer this question about where to live in Australia by determining the most important factor for success and that is getting a job as quickly as possible. If you are in banking and finance, you need to consider whether Sydney or Melbourne offer the best opportunities in your field. If you have a specialist professional background, for example as a mining engineer you need to research locations like Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland. Planning ahead and thinking about where you are best placed to kick start your career in Australia is the most important factor for a successful life in Australia.

Migrants coming on a regional visa need to research carefully whether their location has job and future career opportunities. Use the internet to research the labour market by location – we cannot emphasise planning ahead enough!

So say your skills are in demand in many of Australia cities, then how do you decide where to live in Australia?

There are lots of debates about the best cities in Australia. What’s right for you depends on what you like. It’s essential to do research on locations in Australia where you think you might like to live. Each of the cities can be quite different but they all have a lot to offer and are located by the water.

What’s great about each city?


Sydney includes icons like Bondi beach, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge. Beach culture and cafe society.

  • Population: 4.57 million
  • Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer: 7 to 26°C

Sydney (New South Wales)


The European capital of Australia, arts culture and cafe society. Multicultural with a well laid out city. Melbourne boasts the headquarters of some of Australia’s largest companies.

  • Population: 4.25 million
  • Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer: 5 to 27°C

Melbourne (Victoria)


In Brisbane it is warm most of the year, growing rapidly, beach culture and eating out. The Sunshine State of surf and fun. Queensland boasts one of the most famous natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Population: 2.2 million
  • Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer: 10 to 29°C

Brisbane (Queensland)


Warmer than Adelaide or Melbourne, small town on the water. Beautiful Coastlines. Rich mineral resources which

drive the state’s economic growth.

Key facts about Perth

  • Population: 1.89 million
  • Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer: 8 to 32°C

Perth (Western Australia)


Adelaide is also referred to as the “20 minute city” as this is how long it takes to drive from the home to work, laid back, pretty city, well laid out, a country town. South Australia is famous for its scenic coastlines and the Barossa Valley vineyards.

  • Population: 1.29 million
  • Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer: 20 to 28°C

Adelaide (South Australia)


Has a climate colder than most cities, is based on the river and harbour. Small city. Hobart is famed for ancient aboriginal art and early European settlements.

  • Population: 218,000
  • Climate:Average temperatures winter to summer: 4 to 22°C

Hobart (Tasmania)


Multicultural, small population, tropical with wet and dry seasons.

The World Heritage Kakadu National Park, famed for its unique bird life, rugged beauty and Aboriginal art is near the state capital Darwin with over 3.2 million acres of natural beauty.

  • Population 138,000
  • Climate Average temperatures winter to summer: 19 to 33°C

Darwin (Northern Territory)


Canberra is the capital city, planned city for the government centre of Australia. A lot of people are employed in government jobs here. The city was designed by the American architect Walter Burley Griffin and has wide streets and boulevards.

  • Population: 380,000
  • Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer: O to 27°C.

Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)