Understand Engineers Australia Code of Ethics when preparing CDRs

In preparing competency demonstration reports (CDR) when applying to Engineers Australia for qualification assessment, it will help if you are familiar with ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA – CODE OF ETHICS.  Australian employers will expect you be understand and follow the behaviours in the code of ethics, even if you are not a member of Engineers Australia. The code of ethics reflects the expectations of Australian employers and the Australian public.

Obtain full details from Engineers Australia website : http://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/

Here is an extract from their handbook.

The members of Engineers Australia are committed to the Cardinal Principles of the Code:

• to respect the inherent dignity of the individual
• to act on the basis of a well informed conscience
• to act in the interest of the community, and
• to uphold its Tenets.

The Tenets of the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics are:

1 members shall place their responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community before their responsibility to sectional or private interests, or to other members
2 members shall act honour, integrity and dignity in order to merit the trust of the community and the profession
3 members shall act only in areas of their competence and in a careful and diligent manner
4 members shall act with honesty, good faith and equity without discrimination towards all in the community
5 members shall apply their skill and knowledge in the interest of their employer or client for whom they shall act with integrity without compromising any other obligation to these Tenets
6 members shall, where relevant, take reasonable steps to inform themselves, their clients and employers, of the social, environmental, economic and other possible consequences which may arise from their actions
7 members shall express opinions, make statements or give evidence with fairness and honesty and on the basis of adequate knowledge
8 members shall continue to develop relevant knowledge, skill and expertise throughout their careers and shall actively assist and encourage those with whom they are associated, to do likewise
9 members shall not assist in or induce a breach of these Tenets and shall support those who seek to uphold them if called upon or in a position to do so

When preparing your CDR and when applying for jobs on Australia, you need to be able to demonstrate you understand ethical standards. This is done through your actions. The important word assessors and employers want to hear is “I”.  Your CDR will includes many statement similar to “I did it like this.”