Engineers – Are you really Ready to Migrate to Australia?

The Ready to Work Checklist for Engineers to Australia

Landing a job quickly after arrival in Australia is the key to successful migration. Here is a useful checklist for you to assess how well prepared you are to start life in a new country. A negative answer to any of the items listed is likely to mean delays in getting a job.

The equation goes something like this:

No work = spending savings = no fun

Kick start your new life by preparing properly

Ready for work checklist


Conversational English satisfactory  
Technical English satisfactory  
Have planned regular English practice to improve English  
Base Australian CV prepared  
Knowledge of Australian OH&S standards  
Knowledge of Quality Assurance standards  
Have copy of key standard(s) for your discipline  
Have appropriate visa to work in the region you are applying for work  
Have a mentor  
Qualifications assessed by Engineers Australia  
Attending engineering networking functions  
Registration (if required)  
Receiving information on engineering in Australia e.g. magazines, web news services  
Researched job market and selected potential employers  
Detailed research on selected employers, ready to make job applications  

This is taken form Project Australia: Land that Engineering Job in Australia.

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