Engineers and Computing (IT) Professionals migrating to Australia

The Australian immigration department treats engineers and computing professionals differently. There is a 5 year experience requirement for computing professionals. There is no work experience required generally for engineers.

Engineers involved with computing often become confused with what their occupation really is. This is particularly true of engineers who have  undertaken post graduate studies in computing.

Do you know what you are?

I am not talking about your sexual persuasion here. That’s your own business. You may be able to choose whether to migrate as an engineer, a computing professional, or (heaven forbid) as a manager.

Australian Standard Classifications of Occupations

Occupations are listed in the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) dictionary. To assist with searches on the Skill Matching Database Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) codes are listed on the link below.

There is overlap in some categories  and the definitions are not all that clear. For example: you may be able to apply as either an analyst or a manager. Or you may apply for a visa in one category and be granted a visa in another. This is no drama – so long as they both have the same points for visa classification for general skilled migration purposes.

As there may be different points allocation for visa assessment you need to have a look at the options you have and their impact.

Check qualifications assessment requirements

The requirements for skills assessment differ for Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society. Go to their websites and get their qualifications assessment handbooks before you commit. Go to these websites.

NOTE:  The requirements for immigration and professional accreditation are separate. Check out the requirements for both.

The bottom line is you may have a choice !

Engineer, IT, ICT or computing professional. Assess your classification and the Australian ASCO codes when preparing to migrate.