Skilled migrants the job interview process in Australia

tribus lingua migrant InterviewsThere are two types of interview commonly used in Australia. These are:

  • Traditional
  • Behavioural

In the traditional interview you are asked a series of straight forward questions about how you performed at work.

Behavioural interviews focus on questions for a predetermined set of skills required for the job to see how you handled different situations. A lot of corporations and institutions use this approach in Australia. The principle idea is that your past performance in a job role is a predictive mechanism for how you will perform in the future.

Behavioural Interviews: 

The interviewer asks questions about your past performance as it relates to skills required for the job. To succeed at the type of interview the applicant news to explain past performance with examples.

Preparation is the key to success

Sample behavioural job interview questions

How would you describe yourself?

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment?

Why do you want to change jobs?

What did you like / dislike about your last position?

Why should we hire you?

In what ways are you qualified for this position?

What process do you use to establish priorities?

Describe your most important strengths.

Is there a situation in the past in which you took the initiative?

Can you think of a situation during your career that was particularly embarrassing?

How would you handle the same situation today?

Have you ever been in situations involving difficult co-workers, tight deadlines or inadequate

The key to answering behavioural interview questions is to use the STAR technique:

S=Situation: find and describe a situation that ties into the interview question at hand.

T=Task: further delineate a specific task you had to complete in this situation.

A=Action(s): discuss the approach you took to deal with the task, breaking down your actions one by one.

R = Result: conclude by describing specific outcomes of your actions, showing how you contributed to company success.