An Australian CV – your name

An Australian CV In an Australian CV your name is crucial. Your Name Australians like simple, monosyllable first names. Like Ian. Even David is too long for them. They prefer Dave. Likewise Bob for Robert, Tom for Thomas and Tim for Timothy.If your first name is long, unusual (to Australians) […]

Australian CV for engineers

Australian CV for engineers Getting your Australian CV for engineers together. In general, engineers from overseas are able to get to Australia and find some jobs advertised, but they find it difficult to get job interviews. The main reason is that they don’t understand how to prepare their CV/resume so […]

Why skilled migrants need an Australian CV or Resume

Skilled migrants need an Australian CV or Resume to land jobs When moving to Australia as a skilled migrant you need an Australian resume/CV. Australia CV or Australia Resume In Australia the terms CV and resume are use interchangeably – although resume is now more common. We recommend you use […]

New Migrants to Australia Job Advice… top tips

Inside top tips to help migrants succeed in Australia. New Migrants may find that getting an Australian job may be more challenging than they expected. The first place to start is by tapping into the hidden Australian Job Market. Given that Australia’s economy is made up of small and medium […]