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Engineer Migration to Australia. Your Occupation, Qualifications and Work Experience

Work experience is not compulsory for engineers applying to Engineers Australia for assessment of qualifications obtained outside Australia.

There are many steps in applying for a general skilled migrant visa to Australia. the two areas related to engineering work experience are qualifications assessment (accreditation) and the points allocation for the points test for a general skilled migrant visa application. Assessment of qualifications for engineers is carried out by Engineers Australia and visa applications are assessed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). These are two totally separate functions carried out by separate organisations – so we will look at them separately.

Qualifications assessment

Work experience is not compulsory for engineers applying to Engineers Australia for assessment of qualifications obtained outside Australia for an engineering occupation. Everything you need to know is given in The Migration Skills Assessment Handbook.  Read this from cover to cover. Download the handbook from the Engineers Australia website :

You will notice there are three pathways to accreditation of level 1 qualification for migration (the basic education requirement) :

Australian qualifications

Washington and Sydney Accords

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for non-recognised qualifications

There is no work experience requirement for this level of qualifications recognition.

If you don’t have a recognised qualification (either Australian or by the Accords) you need to write a CDR. You have to demonstrate you have engineering competencies for the level of occupation you are applying for. You need to demonstrate you have the appropriate knowledge and skills and can apply them at the level of your nominated occupation.

You need to write three career episode reports (CERs) as part of your CDR. This is where work experience should help you. Your work experience can provide projects and activities to demonstrate your understanding and application of engineering principles and practice. So work experience is desirable to give you a base to provide something to write about. But you are assessed by your personal actions, not time spent anywhere or in any particular job.

General Skilled Visa Application

Work experience can help you gain additional points in the points test. You need to read Booklet 6: General Skilled Migration, which is available online from the booklets section of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

There are two very important factors to be aware of with work experience in the points test:

It must be relevant. It must relate to the occupation you are applying for. This could be different from you degree or other qualification. For example: A person with a mechanical engineering degree may be applying as a software engineer  Any mechanical engineering experience may not be considered relevant to the software engineer occupation.

It must be recent experience. Any periods without work, such as while studying for a higher degree could reduce your points.

So What?

When developing your plan for migration, your Project Australia, make informed decisions to provide the best and most economical result. It is recommended that you seek advice from a registered migration agent for Australia. This is a complex area with the rules changing regularly in the current economic climate. For engineers migrating to Australia, qualifications assessment and visa applications are handled separately. Understand the difference to ensure success in applying to migrate to Australia.

Engineering Qualifications Assessment for Australia – English Competency

When applying to Engineers Australia for engineering qualification assessment or for an Australian skilled migrant visa you must show you meet the English requirements. In Australia, all engineering business is dome in English.

If you need to do an IELTS test, you must do this before you lodge your assessment application

You can demonstrate English proficiency by:

(a)      Showing you hold an eligible passport from one of the following countries (you will not be required to sit the IELTS test):

  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Republic of Ireland

(b)    Including an IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Number with your application to show you have a band score of at least six (6) on each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Your test results must be from a test you sat no more than two (2) years before the day of making your application.

The IELTS is a test designed to assess an applicant’s English language ability. It has an academic test and a general training test. For engineering work take the general training test.
IELTS examinations are available worldwide and further information is available on their website.

See: International English Language Testing System

The important points are:

You must do the test before before you make an assessment application.

You must score at least 6.0 in each component of the IELTS general test

And most importantly:

If your IELTS English score is below this, you may find an alternative path to a visa, but it will be practically impossible for you to get an engineering job in Australia.

Do not try and work the system – improve your English to succeed as an engineer migrating to Australia.


Assessment of engineering qualifications by Engineers Australia

Assessment of engineering qualifications for migration purposes by the Institution of Engineers (Engineers Australia).

Something confusing to migrants is that the assessments of qualifications for eligibility for migration visas and for membership of Engineers Australia are made separately. It is possible to be accepted for immigration and refused membership of Engineers Australia. The reverse also applies. It is possible to be accepted for membership of Engineers Australia and not be accepted for a skilled migration visa.

The Institution of Engineers Australia, known as Engineers Australia, is the peak body for engineers in Australia, with more than 80,000 members. It is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and professional development of engineers. It accredits engineering courses, operates programs of continuing education and professional development, maintains a vigorous publishing and conference program, and involves itself in debate on national and community issues.

Skills assessment

Engineers Australia is the designated authority to assess professional and para-professional qualifications in engineering for the purposes of skilled migration to Australia.

The two pathways to recognition of your qualifications with Engineers Australia are:
• Recognised engineering qualifications
• A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Recognition is the process of determining if the course you have completed at an overseas institution is equivalent to an Australian four-year engineering course. If your engineering qualifications are not recognised through any accredited course with one of the signatory bodies, you may seek recognition through a competency assessment process.
The Competency Demonstration Report gives you the opportunity to establish that your engineering knowledge and competencies are equivalent to those of the appropriate occupational category within Australian engineering. You can detail work and training you have done to establish that you have the skills and knowledge equivalent to an engineer with Australian qualifications. The Migration Skills Assessment Kit, available from the Engineers Australia website guides you in determining your occupational category and preparing your CDR submission.

To check a course is accredited, you need to know the university, particular course, and the years the course started and finished. You have to do this yourself as part of preparing your application for migration skills assessment to Engineers Australia. Information on both the Washington and Sydney Accords and the lists of accredited programs can be sourced from the following website:

Washington Accord signatories are Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong China, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States. Organisations holding provisional status at time of writing are Germany, India, Malaysia, Russia and Sri Lanka.
Sydney Accord signatories (for Engineering Technologists or incorporated Engineers) are Australia, Canada, Hong Kong China, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. United States holds provisional status at time of writing.

If you live in Australia, the state or territory Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU) has educational assessment advice about overseas qualifications for free or a small fee. Applicants must be in Australia; you can’t have a contact in Australia make an application on your behalf if you are overseas.The Overseas Qualifications Unit’s addresses are available from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website:

An OQU or AEI-NOOSR assessment may tell you that you have engineering qualifications that are academically comparable to a qualification in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), however your qualifications may not be accepted for you to practice as a professional engineer in Australia. Professional recognition of engineers is solely assessed by Engineers Australia.

The bottom line:

An OQU or AEI-NOOSR assessment has no useful value for engineering qualifications.

Wait until you are in Australia to apply for membership of Engineers Australia.

For migration, get a Migration Skills Assessment Kit, available from the Engineers Australia website to make application for assessment of your qualifications for skilled migration to Australia.

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