Writing a CDR – Secrets of Success

Preparing competency demonstration reports (CDRs) required by Engineers Australia for qualification assessment for engineers migrating to Australia baffles everyone. People writing career episodes go into a state of mind-numbness at the seeming complexity of the task. They forget basic principles of report writing. Let’s have a look at basic report […]

Engineers and Computing (IT) Professionals migrating to Australia

The Australian immigration department treats engineers and computing professionals differently. There is a 5 year experience requirement for computing professionals. There is no work experience required generally for engineers. Engineers involved with computing often become confused with what their occupation really is. This is particularly true of engineers who have  […]

Understand Engineers Australia Code of Ethics when preparing CDRs

In preparing competency demonstration reports (CDR) when applying to Engineers Australia for qualification assessment, it will help if you are familiar with ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA – CODE OF ETHICS.  Australian employers will expect you be understand and follow the behaviours in the code of ethics, even if you are not a […]

Engineers Migrate Australia Pack Video Clip

Attention Engineers! Everything you need to know about migrating to and working in Australia. Play sample Video clip … This is a video sample from Project Australia – The Engineers Career Pack featuring Ian Little author of Project Australia. Learn more about the Project Australia Engineers Careers Pack (Migrants and […]