Engineering – Australian Professional year

The Professional Year in Engineering

The Professional Year in Engineering is the only Australian government-legislated work-readiness program developed to enhance the employability of recent engineering graduates.


The Professional Year is open to holders of various visa types, including;

  • Skilled-Recognised Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 476)
  • Skilled-Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485)

Contacting a migration agent or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection regarding your eligibility before applying is strongly advised.

About the Professional Year Program

1. Orientation

You will be given an overview of the program, which assists migrant engineers to prepare for the Australian workplace. You will also be advised as to what is required and expected of you throughout the 44-weeks. The orientation will also provide you with the opportunity to have your queries answered.

2. In class

Delivered in a blend of online learning and class room based activity learning, the Professional Year has scheduled face-to-face classes over a 32-week period to facilitate better networking and communication with peers and also teachers. The classes are part time and are either one full day a week or 2 nights a week.

3. Work Placement

Professional Year students are given the opportunity to work as an intern for 12 weeks with a host company. Working full time gives Professional Year students invaluable experience as an engineer. They will also have access to a mentor throughout the work placement.


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