ANZSCO Codes – Australian Occupations for Migration

ANZSCO – the Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations must be understood by migrants. Please note that not all occupation are listed in the ANZSCO.

If your job is not included in the codes list, what do you do?

Two web sites provide ANZSCO information to help you decide the occupation to nominate for qualification assessment and a general skilled migrant visa application.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship web site has the Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI)  page. This page tells you the eligibility requirements for each ANZSCO occupation category, the assessing authority and skilled occupation information such as points, CSOL and SOL.

ACACIA Immigration Australia website provides more detailed descriptions of typical tasks for an ANZSCO occupation code.

The ANZSCO definitions are limited to the basic disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical. There are few industry type definitions such as power, transport, water or railway engineers.

If you cannot find your occupation in the ANZSCO definitions, consider the basic engineering skills you use in your industry. If you call yourself a railway engineer, what do you really do? If you are involved with rolling stock, you probably fit within the general tasks of a mechanical engineer. If you are involved in design of tracks ,your occupation is probably closer to a civil engineer.

If all else fails you can try as an engineer (nec). If you do this, you may find yourself not on any of the occupations in demand.

Study the ANZSCO occupation task descriptions to identify where your job fits in the ANZSCO classification code system. Selecting the most appropriate occupation can improve your opportunities for a successful qualification accreditation and visa application. An accredited migration agent can assist you to make the best decision.