Sri Lankan migrant lands Australian IT job

Amali from Sri Lanka is a senior software architect. Initially when she got to Australia she secured a lot of interviews because of her experience as her occupation was in high demand. However, interview after interview she didn’t get the job.

She approached Ailis because she had a lot of interviews but no success. One of the key issues with her interview skills was that she kept trying to convince the interviewer that she was the right fit for the job. Amali was trying too hard to sell herself to potential employers. She didn’t realise that this was putting employers off. Ailis trained her to focus on her achievements and capabilities specific to the job and speak to the potential employer as if they are a client.

The focus is on what the employer wants. Amali then had an interview with one of Australia largest telecommunication company, and they had prepared hours beforehand. This was a very tough interview, but Amali shone and got the job.

The key to Sri Lankan, Amali’s success was understanding the at the potential employer needs are what you focus on and not your life story, speaking in professional terms and answering questions as if you were speaking to a client separates you from your competitors.