Sri Lankan engineering migrants’ determination leads to job in Australia

Sri Lankan engineering migrant Pulasthi had over eight years experience as a civil engineer in the road development authority for Sri Lanka. He needed to focus on jobs in local government in Australia.

He faced tough competition for engineering roles. These type of jobs also require ‘selection criteria’ statement to be written in addition to his résumé. As a senior project engineer, his role had changed from hands on project engineering to management of contractors and overall project delivery.

To complete his first set of selection criteria, it took almost 2o hours. Pulasthi applied for a number of local government roles with no success. He got in contact with a number of other engineers and began to learn he was applying at the wrong level to secure an interview. He then got in contact with Ailís to coach him in his job search in Australia.

He worked very hard with Ailis to continuously review and check possible roles, updating his selection criteria and preparing for interview.

Pulasthi’s determination to never give ultimately resulted in a job. After months of hard work, he beat the local competition to win a job as a drainage engineer in rural Victoria.

The key to Pulasthi’s success was his willingness to learn, his determination and his attitude of never giving up. As a civil engineering migrant to Australia he learned through experience and advice what it would take to get his career started in Australia.