Malaysian Senior financial accountant lands dream job in Australia before moving

Nivashni (Niva), a senior financial accountant professional from Malaysia contacted Ailis for coaching prior to leaving Kuala Lumpur. Applying for jobs before this produced nothing but rejections from employers.

Niva’s original C.V included a very Malaysian style approach. Ailis re-wrote Niva’s Master C.V and taught her to customize for individual applications. The process began months in advance to arriving to Australia.

Ailis showed Niva how to research and understand the job market in Australia. This included a focus on applications directly to employers, it also included a lot of assignments for Niva to read information about the Australian Financial Market.

After completing the coaching program Niva got a job interview, whilst in Malaysia with one of the Worlds top Oil and Gas Companies. It was only two weeks later another interview followed for an energy company. Niva made the decision to fly to Melbourne the day of the interview.

Ailis and Niva did extensive interview preparation in advance.

An hour after the interview Niva was called and told she got the job as a Senior Financial Asset Manager. The CFO told her that he intended to do second interviews, but she was so impressive that he cancelled them and hired her.

Niva landed her dream job before she even moved to Australia.