Italian migrant engineer lands specialised job in Australia

Italian migrant, Adriano had his own business as a mechatronics engineer in Italy. He moved to Brisbane and found that he wasn’t getting any interviews. He tried gardening and coffee making and was worried his English wasn’t good enough to get a role in Australia.

His occupation as an engineer was very specialized and advertisements for positions came out very infrequently. All of his methods to get a job were not working for him.

After three months of being unemployed he contacted Ailis and so the process began. The key for Adriano was re-writing his resume and doing in-depth research to find companies in his field. We discovered a number of companies that designed and delivered automation systems.  The company that he ultimately got a job with, only advertised on their website.

Ailis prepared Adriano in advance for the interview and he was successful at the interview. Thrilled he was made an offer he could not believe. His salary was over six figures.

Adriano is still working at this company as a mechanical design engineer.