Iranian engineering migrant to Australia lands a job in seven days

Iranian civil engineer Mehdi was the lucky winner of a prize for job coaching with Ailis after attending an Engineers Australia Career expo.

Mehdi, along with hundreds of others entered into a draw for migrant job coaching with Ailis Logan.

Mehdi arrived in Australia from Iran in January 2009 on a general skilled migration visa.

He was job ready. He had six years of varied site and project engineering experience on a range of projects in the Middle East. His qualifications had been accredited by Engineers Australia and his English was well above the minimum standard required. He had worked as a civil engineer in the oil and gas sector for over five years.

In 3 months Mehdi made over 1000 job applications without getting an interview. Not surprisingly he and his wife were getting discouraged and thinking of returning to Iran. The Expo prize has changed his life. Direct coaching on enabled Mehdi to demonstrate what he had to offer to an employer.

A week later at Mehdi’s next job interview he was offered a job as a cicil engineer with a construction company.

Mehdi’s success was due to his perseverance and willingness to adapt to a new approach. Ailis developed a CV that demonstrated his skills in engineering so that Australian employers would take notice.

What can all engineers learn from Mehdi’s experience?

High quality targeted job applications win the job.

  • A quality resume is needed to get you to interview.
  • You must target and tailor you resume to suit specific jobs.
  • Prepare thoroughly for job interviews.
  • Be able to demonstrate your knowledge of Australian standards.
  • The importance of networking at Engineers Australia functions.

Richard Negri of Negri Construction describes Mehdi as a “fantastic” addition to the Negri team. Mehdi will be working on some of the largest Victorian infrastructure projects and gaining invaluable experience at Negri Construction.

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