Indian Chemical engineer migrant lands dream job in Australia

Patsie, a chemical Engineer from Kerala, India moved to Melbourne and was having difficulty securing interviews. As an Indian migrant she was also very worried about being able to perform properly at the interview, because she felt that interviews in India were like an interrogation and she worried it would be the same in Australia.

Patsie found Ailis through searching online for information about skilled migrants looking for work in Australia. Before contacting Ailis, she had been unsuccessful in securing an interview for four months. Together they worked on rewriting her CV,  market research and lots of interview practice.

Within a month she had secured two interviews. She successfully landed a job as a Process Engineer in an American multi-national chemical company.

Patsie did really well as she was aware of her weaknesses in relation to job search. She sought career advice from Ailis, particularly in relation to her interview skills. Lots of practice improved her confidence and she was able to focus on the what she needed to say to highlight her skills in the interview.

She was delighted to obtain her dream job.