Colombian migrant to Australia success story

Carolina Gaitan, a Colombian migrant to Australia with a professional background as a senior marketing and innovation manager prepared in advance by doing research about the best way to get a job in Australia. She found a reference that recommended job coaching for migrants on a website from an impartial source.

Carolina completed the migrant coaching programme three months in advance of arriving in Melbourne Australia.

Ailís took Carolina through the steps of programme  including preparing an Australian style résumé, taught her how to do research for the market and prepared interview practice. Ailís also advised Carolina to come earlier than planned as she was planning on coming in September.

Carolina arrived in early August after completing the coaching programme and was  job ready. She secured an interview in two weeks and a second one in four weeks. She landed her first job as a marketing manager after five weeks in Melbourne.

Carolina was successful because she managed her expectations very well. She prepared in advance, did all the work necessary to become job ready and sought career advice to ensure success. Carolina was able to translate her understanding of the Colombian market into what was needed for the Australian job market.