Brazilian migrant lands job ‘twice’ in Australia due to support and coaching

Brazilian migrant Alexandre needed coaching to help him land the job he wanted. Initially he got a contract position and when this ended he got in touch with Ailís to get further help to land a job with one of the big corporates.

When starting his journey Alex contacted Ailis before leaving Brazil to prepare himself fully for the job market in Australia. Within weeks of arriving in Adelaide, he got a position as a sales assistant at a retail operation. The purpose of this was to ensure his regional visa requirements were met.

Six months later he landed a senior position as a business analyst under contract to the Australian government. This contract lasted for two years. He successfully secured his permanent residence in that time. At the end of this contract however he found himself seeking employment once again.

Alex focussed on getting a job in a big corporation. His main concern at the time was that he was in his late forties and might find getting work very challenging.

He got in touch with Ailis again and they did extensive research focussing on the right roles. They reworked his Cv and updated it with all of his new local Australian experience. They practiced behavioural interview techniques which are typically used in large corporates.

In six weeks he successfully landed a permanent job as an inside sales manager for Australia’s largest telecommunication company.

Alex has been very successful in Australia as he got the support and coaching he needed to achieve his goals. Alex succeeded by preparing before he left Brazil and developing all of the knowledge he needed for the Australian market.